The Carbon Knowledge Hub is a collaboration between the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and BloombergNEF. It is part of the Carbon Centre of Excellence – one of Indonesia’s B20 Legacy Programs, which aim to create a foundation for lasting, positive impacts across the G20 countries.

#Managing partners

The Business 20 (B20) is the official G20 dialogue forum with the global business community. Established in 2010, B20 reserved companies and business organisations and it is among the most prominent Engagement Groups in G20. With an average of 1,000 delegates from the G20 countries, including top executives from the leading multinational corporations, B20 accounts for around 2,000 participants representing over 6.5 million businesses. The B20 aims to deliver concrete actionable policy recommendations on priorities by each rotating presidency to spur economic growth and development; B20 Indonesia will officially convey its final recommendation to the G20 Presidency at the occasion of the B20 Summit in November 2022.

KADIN is the umbrella organization of the Indonesian business chambers and associations. KADIN is focused on all matters relating to trade, industry and services, and is highly committed to tapping potentials and synergies of the national economy, offering a strategic forum for Indonesian CEOs. It is privately funded, hence an independent spokesperson of private sector interests. It is also the only nation-wide business organization mandated by Law No. 1/1987 to speak on behalf of private business, maintaining a privileged liaison to Government Officials and covering all relevant sectors. 34 regional Chambers (KADIN Daerah) and 514 district branches ensure national coverage. Because of this huge network, KADIN Indonesia is the preferred partner for foreign companies initiating their engagement in Indonesia become a member of KADIN Indonesia. KADIN receives a mandate to drive and lead on B20 Indonesia as part of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency.

BloombergNEF (BNEF) is a strategic research provider covering global commodity markets and the disruptive technologies driving the transition to a low-carbon economy. Our expert coverage assesses pathways for the power, transport, industry, buildings and agriculture sectors to adapt to the energy transition. We help commodity trading, corporate strategy, finance and policy professionals navigate change and generate opportunities.

#Contributing partners

Contributing partners are committed to taking an active role in the B20 Carbon Centre of Excellence by contributing to the Knowledge Hub and/or Best Practice Sharing Centre. They support the development of carbon markets worldwide, as a mechanism to drive decarbonization. Contributing partners broadcast their message to a wider audience and show their carbon expertise by providing an opinion piece, interview, article or other report, as well as their logo, to the Carbon Knowledge Hub.

#Supporting partners

These companies and organizations have provided their logos to show their support for the development of carbon markets worldwide, as a mechanism to drive decarbonization.

#Becoming a partner

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