#What is the Carbon Knowledge Hub?

This public web platform aims to provide companies and other players with the knowledge required to understand the carbon markets. The material is devised to appeal to a range of levels of expertise so beginners can learn how carbon trading works in the Basics and learn the jargon in the Dictionary. More knowledgeable users can delve into the Factsheets on more advanced topics like the intricacies of Article 6 and the varied factors determining the price of a voluntary offset. Another key component of the Carbon Knowledge Hub is the Stories section. These are commentaries and interviews on the views and experiences of carbon market experts.

The Carbon Knowledge Hub is part of the Carbon Centre of Excellence, which is one of the legacy programs of B20 Indonesia that aim to create a foundation for lasting, positive impacts across the G20 countries. B20 Indonesia is the official G20 dialogue forum with the global business community.

#How can I be alerted when the Carbon Knowledge Hub is updated?

Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email address in the ‘Stay up to date’ box and hit ‘Sign up’.

#What are Carbon Centre of Excellence partners?

We are looking for companies and organizations that want to become involved in this initiative and raise their profile as a key carbon market player. See our existing Partners here. There are two main ways to become involved:

  • You can become a Contributing Partner if you provide an interview or thought piece about your views and experience of carbon markets and trading. Your logo would appear on the home page of the Carbon Knowledge Hub platform and the Partners page, and your contribution would appear on the Stories page.
  • You can become a Supporting Partner if you want to show your support for the platform but do not wish to contribute a Story. You would simply provide your logo, which will appear in the dedicated section of the Partners page.

Contributing and Supporting Partners do not need to make any financial contribution to the project.

#What does contributing a Story involve?

There are two main options for contributing a Story:

  • Thought piece/commentary: as a first step, you and BloombergNEF agree on a topic for the piece. It can be a Word document, PowerPoint slide deck and other format, it uses your branding, and it includes your copyright and disclaimer information. BloombergNEF checks that the piece is in line with the platform’s editorial standards and takes care of the uploading.
  • Interview: BloombergNEF interviews a senior member of your team based on pre-agreed questions, and then types up the responses. You can review the copy before publication by BloombergNEF.

#How can I find out more about becoming a partner?

To find out more, please email co2excel@bloomberg.net.

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